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Bung the main raw material for plastic

Jiande Xuheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2015

Production of plastic lid and main raw materials are as follows

A, polyethylene (Polyethylene,PE), referred to as PE. Is vinyl addition polymer of high molecular weight organic compounds. Food contact material of polyethylene is recognized in the world. Nontoxic, tasteless, odorless, in line with hygienic standard for food packaging. Polyethylene film, light and transparent, moisture, oxygen, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant, airtight, heat sealing and excellent performance. Known as the "plastic flowers" of the name. Is the largest amount of plastic packaging and printing, the most important material.

B, PVC--, PVC polyvinyl chloride PVC for short, molecular formula (CH2-CH2CL) n, is a kind of primary in vinyl polymers, is currently the world's second-largest behind polyethylene plastic varieties. China ranks first in the production of plastics. In the printing industry, often with color PVC rolling film and transparent glazing film making books, folders, covers such as ticket packaging.

C, Shrinkfilm---shrink film shrink film (Shrinkfilm), is a stretched orientation in the production process, using hot air or infrared radiation in the course of thermoplastic film will shrink. After the heat treatment, film wrap on the packaging, shrinkage during the cooling phase to achieve maximum value and long-term preservation.

D, LDPE--LDPE low density polyethylene, States referred to LDPE is the largest amount of plastic packaging and printing industry. 0.92~0.93 proportion, can float in water. Crystallinity (60%), pressure to bulk polymerization of 1000~3000kg/C square meters, it is also called high pressure polyethylene. At 23 ℃, density of 0.92 per cent. Calendering is bad, applies processing tube film blow molding method. Suitable for food packaging, fiber products, cosmetic products and packaging. Logo of degradable plastic bags HDPE--High-density polyethylene HDPE, HDPE for short. Density of 0.941~0.965g/cm. With low pressure polymerization together, it is also known as low-pressure polyethylene. Milky, indicating poor gloss. Processing film available blow molding method and t-die extrusion process. Heat-resistant cooking, cold freeze-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-gas, good insulation, and resistant to breakage strength twice times as LDPE. Extremely easy to open. Quasi strong paper, known as "the proposed paper-plastic film."

E, BOPP--biaxially oriented polypropylene film for biaxial oriented polypropylene film, BOPP film, also known as, the English abbreviation code BOPP, characterized by loss of tensile orientation, mechanical strength, half strength, density, moisture barrier properties superior to ordinary plastic film. In an unit area compared with cellophane, unit price is under cellophane. Due to this kind of film is very transparent, and printed reproduction of color particularly bright in appearance, is an important substrate of plastic soft packing.

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