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Push the plastic cover market expansion plus

Jiande Xuheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2015

Convenience food ingredients to the special structure of the plastic caps, plastic caps is unmatched by other products in bulk. As the market develops and the increase of demand for, and doubled the price of the plastic cover. Due to the popularity of small container fills the cover of profits, particularly in the beverage market, so plastic cap amount will continue to be the largest and the fastest pace, growing faster than any other metal cover.

According to a recent report, global demand for plastic lids and seal products is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 4.6%, estimated that by 2014, will reach $ 40 billion. As one of the largest product range plastic cover and seal products will be continued above-average growth rates.

United States remains the most demand of plastic cover markets, demand is growing fastest in Asia, Africa, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe. Due to environmental constraints, and reduced demand, easy open lid and metal screw caps and aluminum piping cover continues to lose market share, will gradually give the plastic cover. Health health products in number Shang of growth, and related packaging concept of update, beverage is seal cover of maximum and development most fast of market, metal tube is was bottles, especially plastic bottle by replaced, and plastic cover even penetration to another sale sales great of juice box and milk and aspects, and firmly occupy has this part of market, these are is promoted plastic cover constantly expansion of favourable factors.

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