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Tank sealer application and maintenance

Jiande Xuheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2015

Oil barrels sealing machine for oil barrels sealing cover dedicated tool, has manual type and pressure type two species, common of is manual type mainly, using simple, without learning operation, a see that will, understanding it of structure is simple, two a hand put to outside pressure, within has axis and spring, let clamp contraction sex, also has top disc can regulation deep dive, and sealing cover match, teeth claws can adjustable major small, that is round straight Yamato small good let cover seal have beautiful

Tank sealer how to maintain it, is also very simple, it is chrome plated, no rust, but you need some grease here left and right there are two small wheels, wheels easy to wear and deformation, within the Pan easy to drop a small amount of lubricating oil pan adjustment, try not to put in a sour place, not in the upper falls dental fracture.

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