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Domestic Plastic Barrel Cap Industry Poised For
Jiande Xuheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2015

With the national economy, as well as the rapid development of the petroleum, chemical and food industry, domestic engineering plastic bung industry entered a period of rapid development, engineering plastic lid and fastest-growing countries in the world.

Data show that in 2011, the plastic bung consumption up to 2.443 million, an increase of 12%, is the world's fastest-growing countries, and 2012 is further increased to 2.72 million and is expected to reach 3.37 million by 2014, China's consumption of engineering plastics, in 2016 exceeded 4 million, Xinyuan container accessories factory is an annual growth of 10.

In this regard, industry officials pointed out that domestic plastic drum cover sectors of the market potential is huge. On one hand, from the food industry, plastics demand will reach about 2 million a year. The other hand, for infrastructure construction, and railway and road construction, use the plastic cover by staggering, total demand for the next few years is expected to reach more than 4.6 million.

In fact, the fastest-growing areas in the plastics industry as a domestic, plastic covers not only the pillar industry in the country and a modern high-tech industry plays a supporting role, but also promote the transformation of traditional industries and structural adjustment. Experts predicted that the next 10 years, General Engineering, engineering plastic cover plastic cover high performance and low cost, will become the main trend of development.

Thus, plastic barrel Cap opportunity is highlighted, in particular some high-performance engineering plastic lid, such as high temperature and acid-alkali resistance good resistance to oil products will get a lot of development. Therefore, the plastic cover the enterprise follows the mainstream of development of engineering plastics, growing and innovative plastics polymer design and manufacturing process, thereby strengthening its own strength and competitiveness.

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