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Mainstream Metal Market To Turn To Third-tier Markets Into New Haven
Jiande Xuheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2015

Marketing major turned to third-tier market

Nearly five years since Pan-specialty market of home construction by one or two line the city gradually to the third-tier city development from economically developed areas to non-developed areas. On the current situation, one or two line the city's hardware market is very large, upgrade steps more quickly. By contrast, third-tier city size a lot smaller in the hardware market. Because of one or two tier market size, area wide and strong impact on the existing market pattern, third-tier cities want to recreate a centered in their own market pattern is even more difficult.

However, many number one or two tier home improvement market are many, the grade is not high, and more integrated market, not a professional, distinctive business model. Such a situation could easily lead to disorderly competition, restricting development of the industry. In recent years the traditional hardware store business is uneven, product quality and after-sales service issues unresolved. After many integration, hardware stores have started one or two cities appear, and a trend towards third-tier cities. Marks metals industry the emergence of higher-end, more perfect sales system, for three-wire hardware industry has laid a good foundation for the development of the city.

Meanwhile, some third-tier city local players is good. While they may not offer a "package," but particularly active in three-wide hardware market and freedom. Not "split" the dispute off the "gentry", more native "childish" Tiger power, exudes a strong appeal, mainstream market gradually to introduce third-tier markets.

Good market shuffle three markets

Hardware industry is different from other building materials industries, its diversity of products--everything from screws to lock, from pipe to steel. At present, one or two line the city's hardware market is mature, there is quite a bit of hardware business.

And third-tier cities hardware market development is lagging behind. With the development of third-tier cities, many hardware vendors of third-tier cities gradually on the right track, and thus to seek multiple channels. However, where many businesses "active agent", "creating a facade" in the process, there are still many businesses sales channels is still very closed, stagnant sales in the traditional way. For example, right now is the Internet age, Internet marketing has gradually been adopted by large businesses, but many small and medium sized businesses are not taken into account. Closed conduit has led many opportunities to make new customers stand to lose. Laurels have weakened these small and medium businesses ability to withstand market risks, changes in market conditions, are most vulnerable to shocks. So, expand sales channels and channels fine operation is a top priority for many hardware vendors.

From the virtual economy as the international financial crisis spread to the real economy, Chinese exports affected by the immense influence and impact of foreign markets, many hardware vendors orders a sharp contraction in production faced serious difficulties. Not just one or two tier, third-tier cities as well. Many businesses seeking transformation, export, will develop towards the domestic market. However, hardware merchants export is the road to go is difficult, differ greatly in domestic and foreign markets, consumption habits, vary greatly in terms of aesthetics, value orientation, it is difficult to form a stable production and operation mode, it is difficult to establish their own brand, which is particularly evident in one or two cities. Foreign customers to pay more attention to factors such as cost, quality, and customers among distributors outside of the domestic market, most are direct consumers, they pay more attention to the brand when shopping, products, values, styles, and price/performance, and other factors.

In addition, China's economic development is very uneven in recent years, consumers ' needs are not the same, one or two lines of urban consumers demand levels are relatively high, while three cities consumer demand levels are relatively low, this imbalance is market access for the exports of the metal business to provide a starting point. Therefore, the three markets rise for those who export hardware companies, is a good news.

Along with the promotion of national development and third-tier cities, metal wire building materials industry development is the trend of the market. With the large number of one or two tier consumers shifting to third-tier city, third-tier cities will gradually increase demand for hardware and building material products, third-line market will gradually become mature. Hardware vendors want to grasp the good opportunity for third-tier cities rise, in three markets for, and secured the camp development.

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