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2021 China Packaging Container Exhibition Reputation Burst! 22 Year Exhibition Greater Bay Area Blockbuster Launch!

On July 16, 2021, the China Packaging and Container Exhibition 2021 successfully concluded at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition has been strongly supported by industry associations, industry enterprises, media, etc. The exhibition scale is about 20,000 square meters, more than 500 exhibitors, more than 20 exciting activities were held at the same time, attracting 23,189 high-quality packaging industry packaging R&D, marketing, executives and purchasing decision makers to visit.

In just 3 days, the 2021 China Packaging Container Exhibition focused on the essence of the current packaging industry, accurately released the industry trend of the future, injected new energy and innovation elements into the packaging industry, and received positive feedback from the industry.

Packaging industry reputation exhibition solid hammer! The report of China Packaging Container Exhibition 2021 has been released

Audience data analysis

-- Audience satisfaction is 97.79%

According to the statistics of the organizer, the visitors of this exhibition mainly come from the fields of food, machinery manufacturing, daily necessities, daily chemicals, beverages and so on, and enterprise executives, procurement, packaging designers account for more than 50%. The top three products that the audience are interested in are paper packaging containers, plastic packaging containers, packaging materials and accessories. Thankfully, 97.79% of the visitors were satisfied with the exhibition, among which 91.11% said it was worth recommending to their peers.

2021 China Packaging Container Exhibition Reputation Burst! 22 Year Exhibition Greater Bay Area Blockbuster Launch!

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