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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Barrel And IBC

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Barrel And IBC

Advantages and disadvantages of barrel:

Packaging barrels are usually made of metal or plastic, which has long been a common packaging material in various industries.

Before innovation begins to make progress in other packaging options, drums are a good choice because they are stable, strong and predictable in size and weight.

The problem is that there is a use problem: for example, it is difficult to remove all liquid or viscous products from the barrel, even if a gravity assisted distributor is used. This will lead to the waste of products and goods, which will push up the cost.

Drums also have a problem with storage because their circular shape takes up a lot of space between rows - they take up more space for transportation and storage than the square option.

Finally, for health or safety reasons, drums usually need to be thoroughly cleaned, which means paying workers, cleaning materials, and the time between filling and delivery.

Advantages and disadvantages of IBCs:

IBCs packaging with rigid cage appeared, which eliminated the waste of space between container rows, but introduced new challenges in this process.

Since two different materials (one is the container material and the other is the cage material) are needed to manufacture them, this means that the cost increases and offsets many economic benefits brought by changing the shape.

These bulk intermediate container types also have the same problem, cleaning problem.

In fact, because of their shape, they may be more difficult to clean than drums.

Short comments: It can be said that the bulk system of container is the best choice for transportation, storage and distribution today. Xuheng lining bag can make it easy for IBCs and barrels to replace container bags and keeps items sealed and hygienic.

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