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Anticipation Next Week Of Steel Price

Anticipation Next Week Of Steel Price

In general, this week's domestic steel market prices as a whole shock is strong.

First of all, from the supply side, in the short term under the influence of macro factors can not appear obvious supply easing.

On the other hand, after June, although there is a backlog of demand caused by the earlier price surge, the arrival of the rainy season of Mei still has a certain impact on the purchase of terminal projects, so the demand release can hardly be more optimistic.

In addition, the recent market sentiment improved under the condition of the price gradually upward repair, but the overall price level is still slightly high.

Short comment: Therefore, the comprehensive forecast next week, domestic steel supply and demand in the double tight situation or in a high state of shock, Xuheng Metal's drum closure price are still fluacturate with the steel price.

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