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Application Of 200-210L Open Steel Drum Plastic Liner

Application Of 200-210L Open Steel Drum Plastic Liner

The round bottom lining bag is the lining bag of 200L round steel barrel independently developed according to the round welding technology. There is no need to clean and open the lid in the barrel, the contents are easy to take, and the hygiene is good. The liquid objects in the drum can be used more effectively.

Product features of round bottom steel drum lining bag:

1. Compared with resin liner in chemical drum, its thickness is 1 / 6 of that of resin pad, which is convenient for access.

2. Because the bottom and the upper part are sealed, the round can cover is very tight, and the lining will not be wrinkled.

3. After filling, not only can the cover be tightly covered, but also it is easy to take out. It not only makes great efforts to prevent wheel rubber but also greatly improves the production efficiency.

4. Special plastic films with good strength and drug resistance are used.

5. It meets the requirements of food hygiene and has good hygiene.

Round bottom lined bag for 200 litre steel drum. The utility model can make the iron barrel get better reuse, thereby reducing the packaging cost.

It can be used inside 200L galvanized barrel or plastic barrel to keep the barrel clean without re cleaning, and various film thicknesses and lengths can be selected.

The thickness of LDPE film barrel is 100u to 200u, and the thickness deviation is controlled within 5%.

Short comments: Drum plastic liner is specially used for placing products in chemical product barrels such as fruit juice barrels, ketchup barrels, paint barrels, ink, glue and adhesive. It can design, proofing and produce plastic bags of various specifications and shapes according to orders.

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