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Application Suggestions And New Trends Of Waterborne Paint In Coating

With the continuous improvement and reform of China's environmental protection laws and regulations, to reduce VOCs emissions of volatile organic compounds, it is necessary to strengthen the development of water-based paint, and only in this way can we ensure the smooth development of follow-up work. Now more and more steel barrel manufacturing enterprises begin to apply water-based paint, and in the future social development, water-based paint will gradually replace oily paint, which will become the inevitable trend of future industry development. From another respect point of view, water paint belongs to it is a kind of organic solvent coating that extremely contains a few, its regard water as diluent, use a few low toxic alcohol ether kinds of organic solution, also do not contain toluene, xylene at the same time wait for harmful material to human body. In general, the water-based coating organic solution needs to be maintained between 5%-15%, which has a very important role and effect on reducing pollution and saving resources, and even can improve the working environment around, reduce the pollution of the atmosphere.

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