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Application Value Of Aluminum Packaging

Application Value Of Aluminum Packaging

Stable structure and strong barrier

Aluminum has the necessary strength and stability. The packaging body mechanism is stable and lightweight completely blocks light, gas and moisture, effectively protects the original taste and characteristics of the product for a long time, avoids deterioration, does not need refrigeration, and greatly reduces the transportation and storage cost.

Lightweight and compact, energy saving and environmental protection

Aluminum has the advantages of light weight, good performance, compact shape and space saving, which can minimize the amount of packaging materials, facilitate transportation and display, and save energy and cost. In the process of circulation, storage and consumption, the number of resources saved due to the use of aluminum packaging is higher than that required for the production of aluminum.

Cleanliness, hygiene and safety guarantee

After high temperature annealing process, the aluminum foil is completely disinfected. Therefore, aluminum foil is safe in contact with food and will not breed bacteria. At the same time, due to the stability of aluminum itself, the unbacked aluminum foil will not react with food. In addition, as an ideal protective layer, aluminum foil can also be used for product anti-counterfeiting.

Short comments: In a nutshell, aluminum used as raw material for packages can be more stable, stronger, lightweight, hygiene and so on. Imagine that this being applied in steel drum sealing package may bring about comprehensive benefits.

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