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Basic properties and advantages of water-based UV coatings

Basic performance

Water-based UV coatings mainly include water-based UV resins, photoinitiators, additives and colored coatings. Among all the components, the water-based UV resin has the greatest impact on the performance of the water-based UV coating. The performance of the water-based UV resin affects the strength, corrosion resistance and curing sensitivity of the cured film on the surface of the coating. Water-based resins are also affected by photoinitiators, and under the influence of photoinitiators, water-based resins can be cured under light conditions. Therefore, photoinitiators are also an important part of water-based UV coatings, and the future development needs of photoinitiators are polymerizable and macromolecules.



1. The viscosity of the paint can be adjusted by itself without diluting monomers, which eliminates the toxicity and irritation of traditional paints.

2. Appropriate addition of rheological additives can reduce the viscosity of the coating system and facilitate the coating process.

3. When coating on materials such as plastics, water can be used as a diluent to improve the adhesion of the coating to the coating.

4. Improve the dustproof and anti-scratch ability of the paint before curing, and improve the finish of the paint.

5. The cured film is ultra-thin.

6. Coating equipment is easy to clean.

7. Waterborne UV coatings have good flame retardant properties.

8. Since no low-molecular reactive diluent is used, flexibility and hardness can be balanced.

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