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Can't Open The Steel Lid? I'll Teach You!

1. Remove the safety buckle from the lid of the barrel.

25L plastic steel drum is fixed by copper wire and sealed with lead ingot. Before opening the lid, cut the copper wire with scissors and open the black rainproof cover counterclockwise.

The 30L steel bucket is sealed with the iron sheet rainproof cover. Before opening the cover, the edge of the rainproof cover is clamped with a vise and the rainproof cover is removed with force.

Can't Open The Steel Lid? I'll Teach You!

2. Open the inner cover of the bucket

The inner cover of 25L plastic steel bucket is concave "ten" plastic inner cover;

30L steel drum closures for both ends of the raised metal cover;

The inner cover is reinforced "clockwise".

Can't Open The Steel Lid? I'll Teach You!

25L plastic steel barrel opening method: use the opening tool to stick the concave "ten" plastic inner cover of the "one" word at both ends, and then "counterclockwise" unscrew the cover can be.

30L steel drum opening method: use the drum tool to jam the metal cover on both ends of the raised position, also is "counterclockwise" after unscrewing the drum cover can be used.

3. About the choice of the opening tool

1. professional drum opening tools, if the laboratory often need to open the barrel can be prepared a set, easy to use and safe.

2. The lab vise can also be used to open the lid;

3. Both ends of the lid can be stuck with two screwdrivers to open the lid.

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