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China Iron And Steel Industry Association Held Panel Forum In Changsha

The participating enterprises generally believe that it is very timely and necessary to hold this meeting in the current critical period of the market, which will help the industry to unify understanding and reach consensus.

The recent rise in steel prices is mainly driven by downstream demand, raw material cost support, production reduction policy expectations, global quantitative easing and other factors caused by a comprehensive.

At present, China's steel prices are still low in the global scope, which has made a great contribution to the strong export of the downstream manufacturing industry. The steel industry does not want the steel prices to fluctuate sharply in the short term but hopes the steel prices to be stable, which is conducive to the stable production and operation of the upstream and downstream enterprises.

In the face of rising steel prices, different downstream industries have different responses, some industries can effectively transmit costs, and some industries have difficulties in transmitting costs.

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