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coating is a solid continuous film obtained by coating once. It is a thin layer of plastic coated on metal, fabric, plastic and other substrates for protection, insulation, decoration and other purposes. Coatings can be gaseous, liquid or solid, and the type and state of the coating is usually determined according to the substrate that needs to be sprayed.


According to the type of paint used, there are different names, such as the primer coating is called the primer layer, and the top coat is called the top coat. Generally, the coating obtained by the coating is relatively thin, about 20 to 50 microns, and the thick paste type coating can be a thick coating of more than 1 mm at a time.

It is a thin layer of plastic coated on metal, fabric, plastic and other substrates for protection, insulation, decoration, etc


High temperature electrical insulation coating


The outside of the wire made of copper, aluminum and other metals, or insulating paint, or plastic, rubber and other insulating sheath. However, insulating paint, plastic, rubber are afraid of high temperature, generally more than 200℃ will be integrated, lose insulation properties. And many wires need to work in high temperatures, so what to do? Yes, let the high-temperature electrical insulation coating to help, this coating is actually a kind of ceramic coating, in addition to maintaining electrical insulation performance at high temperatures, it can also be closely "united" together with the metal wire, so that "seamless", you can bend the wire seven or eight times, they will not separate, this coating is very dense, coated with it, two wires with a large voltage difference touch together, There will be no breakdown.

High temperature electrical insulation coatings can be divided into many types according to their chemical composition. Such as boron nitride or aluminum oxide, copper fluoride coating on the surface of graphite conductors, to 400℃ still has good electrical insulation properties. The enamel on the metal wire to 700℃, the phosphate-based inorganic binder coating to 1000℃, and the plasma sprayed alumina coating to 1300℃ still maintain good electrical insulation properties.

High temperature electrical insulation coating has been widely used in power, motor, electrical appliance, electronics, aviation, atomic energy, space technology and so on.


The epoxy phenolic coating is suitable for use as the inner lining of storage and processing vessels in petrochemical plants to resist the erosion of acidic crude oil and water from gas separators at temperatures up to 95 ° C (203°F). It has good resistance to aromatic and lipid repellent solvents.

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