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Common Connection Methods Of Anchor Bolts

One is the longer-term tightening of bolts. This means that the bolts using this method will not be separated again, such as riveting or welding. Use nut welding to fix the thread of the anchor bolt to the thread of the anchor bolt. This is the longer type.

Another type of fastening method is the semi-longer type. The parts connected by this bolt can be disassembled later, but generally it will cause some damage to the fasteners used. There is no such fastening form for anchor bolts, but in fasteners such as split pins are this type of fasteners.

The third type of bolt fastening is called the detachable fastening method, which is very convenient for later disassembly. For example, general anchor bolts will be installed in this way during installation, which facilitates later maintenance and replacement.

Anchor bolts are more commonly used fixed parts in tower crane accessories, which is what we often call tower crane embedded parts. Anchor bolts are widely used as embedded part bolts by many large machinery and equipment, and bolts can also be called standard parts.

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