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Environmental Pressure Increases, How to Choose Coatings for Coating Production?

Currently, with the development of the green economy, carbon emissions, carbon peaking, and carbon neutrality have become hot search words. my country will achieve carbon peaking in 2030, that is, carbon emissions will no longer increase and will reach the peak.

In 2060, achieve carbon neutrality, that is, keep carbon emissions consistent with natural absorption through emission reduction, use of clean energy, tree planting, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the ecological environment.

For the analysis and evaluation methods of various coatings and coating technology solutions, the simplest and most practical method is to comprehensively consider the following factors, and then make a comprehensive evaluation.

  • Optimum coating quality

Being able to guarantee the coating quality of products will reduce or seriously affect the competitiveness of enterprises in the market and affect the "jobs" of enterprises.

  • Comprehensive cost reduction

The comprehensive cost includes auxiliary materials such as paint and thinner, labor, energy consumption (water, electricity, compressed air, gas, steam, etc.), environmental protection equipment operating costs, etc. If the use of environmentally friendly coatings increases the manufacturing cost of the application company, it will squeeze the profits brought by the product and seriously affect the survival and development of the company.

  • Minimal investment cost

It is also impossible to greatly increase investment in the transformation of painting workshops and add a large number of painting equipment. It is the best choice to meet the national or local environmental protection emission standards with the least investment and cost.


  • Easy to implement

In the development process of paint and coating technology, the difficulty of implementation is an important indicator of the paint scheme. The difficulty of implementation directly affects the progress of implementation, especially in the case of facility renovation and paint switching without stopping production, the speed and difficulty of the progress directly affect the production and benefits of the enterprise.


Therefore, when choosing coatings, the majority of application-end enterprises should refer to the comprehensiveness of the product, not just the price. As for paint manufacturers, they should be guided by the long-term development of the company in the future, stick to the bottom line, and win the market with high-quality and stable products, rather than eager for quick success.

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