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Food Packaging Container Quality And Safety Control

With the improvement of people's living standard and the continuous change of consumption concept, the requirements for product packaging are getting higher and higher. At present, packaged products are widely used in food, beverage, medical and health care, petrochemical and other fields, which is an indispensable industry in economy and life. According to the World Packaging Organization (WPO), international packaging sales revenue was $592.2 billion in 2019, accounting for 2% of global GDP. Among them, metal packaging accounts for about 24%, second only to paper packaging and plastic packaging, is the third largest packaging material. Mention metal packaging, it's easy to think of beer cans, cans, rice porridge pot, milk powder, tomato sauce pot, canned fish, canned food packaging, USES 200 liters of metal packing steel barrel of honey, cooking oil, jam and essence, such as food additive, is indispensable important component in the food manufacturing process, is to guarantee food safety an important line of defense. At present, food safety has become a topic of concern to the whole society, the production process of food and the use of packaging materials, consumers have high expectations. Here we mainly talk about the metal packaging of food. Metal packaging is divided into metal drums and metal cans two branches: under normal circumstances, less than 18 liters with a thickness of 0.14 ~ 0.35 mm of tinplate production of metal packaging called metal cans, and with a thickness of 0.30 ~ 1.50 mm of cold-rolled thin steel production of 16 liters of metal packaging called metal drums. Because metal is easy to corrode and for safety, health, beauty and other factors, metal packaging often needs to use coating protection and decoration, and thus formed a unique coating market - packaging coating.

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