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Guide to Drum Closure

 Drum Closure: drum closures are available in both metal closure and plastic bungs. 

Zinc plated drum closure is galvanized with CR3+ or CR6+ for anti-rust purposes. It has a wide application range, due to its character of preventing the chemical reaction between a metal with any corrosive solution. 

Lacquered drum closure is treated with epoxy phenolic with a higher standard. The painting used on the lacquered drum closure is PPG2088, which passed the FDA test to gurantee food safety. 

Drum paint cap-drum paint cap is the easy-installation cap adopted during the process of drum decoration painting. The major function is to protect the inner side from painting sticking.

Plastic drum bung is applicable both on steel and plastic drums of different sizes. Commonly made with PP(polypropylene) or PE(Polyethylene) that have excellent resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.

To choose the right types and sizes for your drum containers, kindly click the links below the pictures for details, and ask for samples of metal drum closures from our professional sales.

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