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How To Deal With VOCs Environment Risk?

First, the materials being used, and their VOCs content are identified, and the risk investigation of factories in key areas is strengthened. Adhesives, cleaning agents, inks and other materials that fall within the scope of application and definition of the above standards, if they do not meet the requirements of the new standards, it is suggested to stop using them from the date of implementation of the standards.

Secondly, timely purchase and use of standard products. Should ask the supplier for the product inspection report issued by the third-party testing institution with CMA and CNAS qualification, if there is no test report, provide the MSDS of the product used, and check the MSDS, test report, implementation standard of label and VOCs content. Special attention should be paid to the calculation method of VOCs content of different types of materials. Among them, the standard of adhesives is to point out the VOCs limit of solvent-based, water-based, and native adhesives in the factory state; The cleaning agent standard refers to the VOCs limit of the cleaning agent in the use state (it should be used after adding diluent, and it should be calculated according to the minimum amount of diluent on the package label); The ink standard is the VOCs limit of various inks in the factory state.

Furthermore, if the discharge permit has a clear ledger recording requirement, establish the VOCs content checking and recording ledger system for the materials used. For the recording format requirements of the ledger, please refer to the content of the pollutant discharge permit and the General Technical Specification of the Environmental Management ledger of the pollutant discharge unit and the implementation report of pollutant discharge permit (Trial), and you can also refer to the Practical Manual. The retention time of the ledger shall not be less than 3 years. If the location of the factory has other regulations, the local regulations shall also be implemented. For example, the retention time of the ledger shall not be less than 5 years in Shanghai Municipality.

New renovation and expansion projects in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta and the Fen-Wei River Plain should use materials with low VOCs content as specified in the above standards. If it is difficult to replace low-VOCs materials at present, the author suggests that research on alternative materials should be started as soon as possible and communication with market supervision and management departments and ecological environment authorities should be strengthened.

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