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How To Realize The Decoration Of Steel Drums Quickly And Economically

The manufacturer is a factory under Mauser (headquartered in Germany), which is located in Ohio, USA, covering an area of 66,000 square feet. This company mainly provides safe and durable packaging solutions for chemical and mineral oil manufacturers. Many of their customers have very special requirements for the decoration of steel drums, such as different color combinations, silk-screen printing trademarks or stripes, and so on.

The company's plant manager said that in 2011 they began to study and improve the overall processing process of steel drums. At that time, they used a horizontal paint spraying production line and manually loaded the materials to the spray booth. During the spraying process, the steel drum was rotated horizontally, which caused the paint to be wiped off during the spraying process and required constant rework to touch up the paint. In addition, paint operators use masks to spray different stripes, so the equipment needs to be cleaned frequently. This simple manual system has brought them trouble day after day.

To this end, they are looking for a way to solve these headaches, in order to meet the special needs of customers while improving production efficiency, product yield and paint efficiency. Therefore, the company turned to Nordson for help, hoping that Nordson could provide them with a complete turnkey solution.

Short comment: The same problem needs to be considered for the steel drum closure of the coating. The surface of the CX coated drum closure can be used in many industries such as food.

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