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International Union Of Recycling Containers: Working Procedures For Recycling Waste Steel Drums

Receiving of steel drums containing residues.

As for the definition of "empty" bucket (note), it is not allowed to receive non "empty" bucket unless it holds the license for receiving and treating hazardous waste issued by relevant environmental authorities. "Emptying" refers to all operations in which residues can be mechanically removed from the barrel, usually using common removal methods such as pouring, pumping, suction, scraping, shaking, etc., and any combination of these methods. As for the residues which are highly toxic chemicals, it is recommended to neutralize or remove them directly within the fixed planning scope, but it is necessary to avoid poisoning or other hazardous chemical reactions, resulting in casualties and property losses.

(Note 1: some governments such as Japan, the United States and Canada have adopted the definition of "empty" packaging, including additional standards for the use of "empty")

(Note 2: definition of "empty" barrel: there are two cases of so-called empty barrel in the steel barrel industry. The first case is that the new barrel is in the "empty" state from the end of production to the customer's filling / use; The second situation is that once the new steel barrel is used, there will be residues, but now it has been used, which belongs to the abandoned steel barrel. At this time, the steel barrel with residues belongs to the category of recycled steel barrel, and the "empty" barrel at this time is the barrel with residues, which can also be understood as the "empty" barrel with residues should be used for the manufacturing of recycled steel barrel.)

Empty barrel certification

To provide steel drums to remanufacturing companies, regardless of the previous use, a "empty drum certificate" shall be signed at each time of supply, and the drums shall be verified and confirmed as "empty" according to the interpretation of the term in Clause 1.2 above.

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