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New Trends in Development of Steel Barrel Products in China

Recently, tomato sauce from western China has gained great popularity in Europe and America due to its long daylight hours and high quality. Now, the northwest region exports 5 million barrels of tomato and fruit jam every year, all of which use Italian standard cone-shaped barrels. Changde Company in Xinjiang even imported a cone-shaped barrel production line from Italy at a high cost, setting a precedent for Chinese production of 200 liter cone-shaped barrel products. Currently, 200 liter cone-shaped barrels are selling very well in Xinjiang, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Ningxia and other western regions, with a shortage of supply.

The 200 liter cone-shaped barrel is a fully open barrel. Its diameter at the top is φ553mm, at the bottom is φ516mm, and its height ranges from 970mm to 990mm. There is a ring reinforcement at a distance of 100mm from the top, and the bottom has 4 circular reinforcements and 6 radial reinforcements, each with 24 small φ4mm holes. The small holes at the bottom allow for ventilation during loading and unloading, as there is usually a layer of plastic bag between the barrel wall and the cargo. The ring reinforcement on the barrel body restricts stacking during storage and transportation of empty barrels. The closure of the cone-shaped barrel is a lever-type, and the barrel body and bottom are generally made of 0.7~0.8mm cold-rolled steel plates, coated with amino baking paint both inside and outside, with green on the outside and rust-proof red on the inside. The biggest advantage of the cone-shaped barrel is its convenient transportation and low cost. When transported, 14 barrels can be stacked per layer, 4 layers per pallet, and one truck can carry 10 pallets, which can hold 560 empty barrels. In contrast, a truck can only carry no more than 100 regular steel drums, thus greatly reducing transportation costs, providing favorable conditions for long-distance sales and transportation of empty barrels.

Another major advantage of cone-shaped barrels is their standardized size, which is the most reasonable for container space during international sea transportation, making it one of the most popular steel drums in the world.

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