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Packaging Bottle Caps And Their Development Trends

Faced with a wide variety of beverages and various alcoholic beverages on the market, their packaging has long been a highlight that attracts people’s attention. The exquisite design and unique bottle shape have added a lot to them. Perhaps you have never noticed that, in fact, the bottle cap, as a small part of the packaging, is also very important for ensuring product quality and shaping product personality.

As a part of the packaging, wine bottle caps have two main functions: one is airtightness, which protects the wine. This is the most basic function of the bottle cap and the easiest for manufacturers to do; the other is aesthetics. As an integral part of the packaging, the small bottle cap can play a finishing touch.

In recent years, manufacturers have paid more and more attention to the anti-counterfeiting of alcoholic products. As part of the packaging, the anti-counterfeiting function and production form of wine bottle caps are also developing towards diversification and high-grade. Twist-off, open, sing, talk, and multiple anti-counterfeiting wine bottle caps are widely used by manufacturers.

Although the functions of anti-counterfeiting bottle caps are constantly changing, there are two main types of materials used: Bp aluminum and plastic.

Throughout the foreign wine packaging bottle caps, its characteristics are colorful and stable. Most of them use aluminum bottle caps with simple appearance and fine production. The advanced printing technology makes them consistent in color and exquisite patterns, giving people a refined and elegant feeling. The bottle cap style mostly adopts the traditional mode, with few changes. For example, the bottle cap of Scotch whisky, the pure black with golden lettering, gives people a feeling of simplicity, elegance and long-lasting enjoyment, and plays its role as a mark.

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