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Problems And Technical Solutions That Are Prone To Water-based Steel Drum Paint

1. Shrinkage

In the process of painting or drying of the paint film, wrinkles or shrinkage and deformation appear on the surface of the topcoat. This kind of defect is the most common in alkyd paint repair operations.


Inappropriate drying methods lead to uneven drying of the paint surface. If the newly sprayed paint layer is dried or forced to dry too quickly, or the temperature in the paint shop is too high, the surface paint dries quickly and shrinks, which will delay the drying speed of the inner layer paint. When the inner coating dries, it will shrink the surface coating. Avoid painting in workshops with unsuitable temperatures or workshops with large temperature changes.

2. uplift

Protrusions are also called wrinkles. During the spraying process or the drying process of the paint film, the bumps formed in some areas due to the expansion of the paint surface may take on different shapes.


1. The bottom layer is not thoroughly cleaned. For example, the grease or wax on the bottom surface is not completely removed. Due to the interlayer effect, the re-sprayed paint cannot be attached.

2. The interval time of the second spraying is too short, and sufficient drying time is not given to the primer, which causes the moisture in the wet paint surface to corrode the primer or topcoat and make it soft.

Correction method:

Polish the defective area until it is smooth but cannot be worn through, and paint again.

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