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Product Quality Begins With Education And Ends With Education. There Is A Quality Problem, Please Don't Complain To Each Other!

Is the quality produced or inspected?

First, we must analyze the relationship between first and second, active and passive. As we all know, the product is produced before the inspection. In other words, the product can only be inspected if the husband produces the product. If there is no product, there is no way to inspect. How can there be good or bad results?

Obviously: production is active, inspection is passive. Before the idea of "product quality is produced, not inspected", early quality management was limited to quality inspection, and only the quality of the product could be checked after the fact. William Deming’s famous quality quote points out that only in every link of the production process, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the production process and work instructions, can the quality of the product be guaranteed.

If you ignore process control and rely on inspection alone, it is impossible to guarantee product quality, because quality inspection can only eliminate defective products and waste products, but cannot improve product quality. In other words, the focus of quality control must not be on after-the-fact checks, but must be on the manufacturing stage, that is, the production process stage.

Why is there a quality problem?

If the problem is not handled well before product development, and the mass production pass-through rate is too low, I hope to rely on quality to fight the fire, and I want to increase the frequency of testing to reduce defective or unqualified products;

Add rework materials, unqualified materials, but have not been tested and verified in advance, and there is no accurate knowledge of product quality fluctuations;

Customers are urging for goods and pressure is put on them. The boss will speak according to his so-called actual experience. For products not in the standard range, special release is implemented, which causes product problems; the industry has improved the quality standards of products, and the company still adheres to the original standards. Production; non-artificial quality problems occur in the production process, but they are not within the detection frequency range, etc...

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