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Raw Materials For Steel Drums-basic Knowledge Of Cold-rolled Steel Plates

Cold-rolled steel strip production adopts coil rolling, using tension coiling and uncoiling devices, with high speed (up to 42m/s), high pass compression rate and flat plate shape. There are two types of rolling mills: single-machine reversible type and continuous type.

The single-stand reversible four-high cold rolling mill is suitable for the production of ordinary carbon steel or low alloy steel with multiple varieties, small batches, and thickness above 0.2mm. For rolling silicon steel, stainless steel and other high-alloy special steels, 20-high or off-eight-high rolling mills are often used.

The continuous rolling mill consists of 3 to 6 stands. The more racks, the greater the total compression ratio, and the thinner the product thickness; the faster the rolling speed, the greater the output; it is suitable for ordinary carbon steel automotive plates, galvanized plates, tinned plates, etc., with large output and few varieties and specifications.

Full-continuous cold-rolled strip mills have developed a small number of full-continuous cold-rolling mills in the 1970s. Before the strip coil enters the rolling mill, the first coil end is welded to the next coil head. The looper is used to store enough strip steel to ensure that the welding At that time, the rolling mill continued to roll. The rolling process is controlled by the computer, and the specification can be changed in the dynamic. After rolling, it is cut off and divided into coils by flying. The full continuous rolling mill does not need to thread and flick the strip when rolling each coil, which saves the time between coil change. The annual output of each fully continuous rolling mill reaches 2 million tons. The waste products with the thickness of the head and tail of the steel coil out of tolerance are eliminated, and the strip rolling precision and yield are improved.

Short comment: The raw materials of Xuheng's products are all cold-rolled steel plates. This greatly enhances the quality and service life of its products. The products provided by Xuheng mainly include drum closure, cap seal, drum lockring, clamp, bolt.

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