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See How Steel Drum Manufacturing Uses Water-based Coating To Reduce Emissions

In the past, industrial production and use of solvent-based coatings still occupy a dominant position. With the successive promulgation of national policies, the deepening of the public's environmental protection concept, and the increasing awareness of environmental protection in the entire coating industry, the application of water-based industrial coatings has become an inevitable trend.

We take the production of industrial steel drums as an example. The average amount of paint used to produce a 200-liter standard steel drum is about 0.2 kg (without diluent), and about 20% of the diluent needs to be added during spraying construction. Therefore, the production of a standard 200-liter steel drum VOCs emissions is 0.12 ~ 0.15 kg. Based on the estimation of the national steel drum output of 150 million, the VOCs emissions of the national steel drum manufacturing industry are about 18 to 23,000 tons.

In fact, the coating equipment of each unit is different, and the process parameters will also be different. Fortunately, water-based coatings and solvent-based coatings are suitable for air spraying and high-pressure airless spraying. The spraying process parameters are basically the same except for the viscosity, so we are in actual construction. A lot of exploration and research, and a serious summary of a suitable construction plan can solve the "oil-to-water" problem of steel drum coating.

Although water-based coatings are currently being used more and more in steel drum factories, not many have switched to the full range. Therefore, the promotion and application of water-based coatings in the steel drum industry needs to be accelerated. With the implementation of the new "Environmental Tax Law", our The task is still very arduous. To achieve green, environmentally friendly, safe and civilized production, the coating enterprises and steel drum manufacturers need to work together.

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