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Standing At The Forefront Of Environmental Protection Pretreatment Technology On Steel Drum Surface

Mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

1、The coating on the surface of steel drums is mainly paint, and there are many varieties of paint, so there are extremely high requirements for the applicability of the pretreatment film.

2、The surface of some steel drums is not coated. The appearance and anti-rust performance of the pre-treatment film are one of the important quality indicators of steel drums.

3、Because the steel drums are used in various environments, many steel drums stored outdoors are often exposed to the sun and rain, which is a very severe test for the adhesion of the pretreatment film.

At present, the common pretreatment process in the steel drum industry is the iron-based phosphating process. However, with the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, the phosphating process is gradually being phased out. The existing environmental protection pretreatment technology cannot fully satisfy the particularity of the steel drum industry.

Short comment: Steel drums occupies a high position in traditional containers, so the demand for steel drum closures is also great. Similar to the high requirements of the surface of steel drums, the surface treatment of steel drum closures is also very important. There are also matching drum cap seal, drum lock rings and clamp for sale.

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