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Test Of Anti-slip Coefficient Of Friction Surface Of High Strength Bolt

The anti-slip coefficient inspection should be based on the steel structure manufacturing batch, with a single project per 2000t as a manufacturing batch, less than 2000t as a batch, when the friction surface of a single project is selected by two or more surface treatment processes, Each surface treatment process needs to be inspected. Three sets of test pieces per batch. If the connection is spread to external enterprises, each corresponding enterprise should be tested for anti-slip coefficient.

(1) The test piece used for the anti-slip coefficient test should be processed by the factory or the diffusion enterprise. The test piece and the steel structural member represented should be made of the same material, made in the same batch, using the same friction surface treatment process and having the same surface State, and use the same batch of high-strength bolt connections of the same performance level, and store them under the same environmental conditions. The anti-slip coefficient test is carried out according to the test method of GB50205 "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structure Engineering".

(2) The minimum value of the anti-slip coefficient inspection must be equal to or greater than the design specified value. When it does not meet the above specified value, the friction surface of the component should be re-treated. Re-examine the friction surface of the treated component.

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