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Founded in 1990s in China to initially support steel drum packaging industry, our factory Xuheng, who's drum closure branded CX®, mainly serves 55 gallon steel drum originally in Chinese market. Endeavored to becoming one of the  leading drum closures suppliers of comprehensive industrial closure, CX® is integrated into XEAL® for uniformed indentity of Chongyi Group, is expanding its operations across the globe.

Xuheng stared as a family owned factory, the first ones stepped into drum closure industry.

With continuous investing and upgrading of machines and molds, various closure products for different types of drums were continuously developed by "Jiande Xuheng Metal Products Co,ltd" under the trend in the domestic market, meeting the demand of steel drum factories.

Export business was done through commercial agents and B2B platform.

Irresistibly improvement and expanding in capacity lead us to global market since international trading is booming in China, we primarily contracted to work with trading companies for product sales, and registered name as "iande CX Metal Manufacturing Factory" on Alibaba.

Production of more products necessary for steel drum producing customers.

As there are different types of steel drum and process of production, there are more than closures are needed by our stee-drum producing customers, such as lock ring clamp, paint cap/dummy cap, ring lugs, cap seal etc, those are gradually produced by our factory.

Outbreak of developing flange insertion die for enhancing quality, stability and efficiency.

One-step flange insertion die was developed, and it simplified several procedures into one for drum flange installation, with drum flange and drum lid feeding system or not, we serve drum factories with the mold for enhancing closure-installation efficiency and safety.

Investment of coating closure production line with a strategic partner is finished.

Contracting with drum making group and their client-petrochemical company, we step further into industry, coat with epoxy lacouer onclosures, perform same function as inner ined drums, our closures are supplied to wider range, such as petrochemical and food industries.

Self-owned trading team was settled and started to work with some overseas drum enterprises.

Except for the online trading platform, it is indeed necessary to start our own international business department,with export rate grown and win ourselves back with reputation.

Automatic plugging/capping machine is developed for tight head steel drum production line.

Driving by our deep-cooperated steel drum producing customers, our technical team developed the plug and cap seal installation system. By saving labor cost and less contaminations with drums, we are upgrading more functions on such plugging line.

Automated optical inspection equipment and leakage detecting device were setteled for defectives controls.

Each singe piece of drum plug flange wll be inspected by several cameras at different angles, defects wil be kick out after detected. Leak Testing Systems was also applied at the same time, which tests every drum plug and remove the ones with leaking risks.

Chongyi Team is dedicated to become as one-stop supplier to global industrial packaging company.

Starting from global epidemic period, we strongly experienced the market demand and challenge in the industry, younger generations from Xuheng establish a new team named "Chongyi industries (Hangzhou) Co, Ltd", with optimized supply chain and marketing strategy, Chongyi aims at supplying all necessary caps and parts to industrial packaging companies with selected, preferred and trusted Chinese supply.

Upgraded production line with anti-counterfeiting property.

Branded oil/chemical company always face the counterfeit and inferior, cooperating with Chongyi to develop plug and cap seal with unique code on each piece, which have records at customers' database, allowing customer to scan and understand its traceability.

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