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Steel Drum Solutions

Dedicated to closures & caps and relevant die & machines for drum makers, and compatible parts and tools adopted by drum users, we are always on the way to offer integrated packaging solution to steel drum market. The most general drum with a non-removable top cover is what we called the "closed head drum" or "tight head drum", respectively the fully removable top cover one named as "open head drum". There are distinguished closing systems for steel drums whereas their top cover types.

Steel Drum Solutions

Closed head drums, also known as tight head drums, are a type of steel drum that feature a sealed top with a small opening for filling and dispensing. Unlike open head drums that have a removable lid, closed head drums have a welded or bolted flange that cannot be removed. This design provides better protection against spills, leaks, and contamination, making it ideal for shipping and storing hazardous materials.

Closed Head Drum Components

Those with standardized sizes of G2 and G3/4 are the essential closures for tight head steel drums. One of the most important components of a closed head drum is the steel drum plugs. This plug fits tightly into the opening of the drum and can be made of different materials, such as steel or plastic. The metal cap seal is another essential part of the drum, as it ensures that the contents remain secure and free from any external contamination. The cap seal is usually made of metal and is designed to fit over the drum plug.

Plastic Bung Prevent Leaks

To prevent leaks and spills, closed head drums also feature a plastic bung or nylon plug. This plug fits into a small opening on the side of the drum and can be removed for draining or adding additional materials. The plastic bung is typically made of plastic or nylon and can be easily removed or inserted with a wrench or drum key.

Drum Paint Cap Options

Closed head drums are also available in a variety of colors and finishes, including drum paint cap options. Steel drum paint cap designs are a unique way to customize the look of your drum, and they can help to identify different contents or brands. Some drums also come with a rust-inhibiting coating that provides extra protection against corrosion and rust.

Safety Keeper: Bung Wrench 

It is found that in different situations, these components are proved to be the initial safety keepers. When they need to be installed or removed, plastic bung wrench, and crimping tools are exactly applied to cater to their adequate torque and tightness.

Security Measures for Opening: Drum Locking Ring

The body and top cover of the open head steel drum are rimmed with a drum locking ring, which is welded with a drum clamp, drum bolt and lugs with nuts and washers. There could be secondary security with a plastic T seal or metal latch across the holes of the clamp.

In conclusion, closed head drums are an excellent option for anyone who needs a safe and reliable way to transport or store liquids or hazardous materials. With a durable steel construction, tight-fitting drum plug and cap seal, and a range of other features, these drums are a smart investment for any business or organization.

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