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Drum Tools

Drum Tools

Chongyi offers a comprehensive range of drum crimping tool for usage of drum containers. Preciously produced and supplied, all the durable barrel crimping tools are necessary when operating relative drum works, such as bung and cap installation and removal, drum contents fillin in or taking out. Customers can always find a suitable style for their drum handling.

Either drum sealing tool, bung wrench, or plastic drum faucet, 55 gallon barrel pump, we are dedicated to developing more practical drum sealing tools for easy operation of industrial drum containers. According to various purposes and conditions, the tools are made in diverse styles such as manual, electrical, pneumatic, anti-explosive, anti-corrosive etc. Contact us and tell us what you need for the drums!

Types of Drum Crimping Tools

Why Choose Chongyi Drum Sealing Tools

As one of the most professional drum cap seal suppliers, Chongyi understands exactly what are the necessary tools to supply accompanied by sealing components. Wide range of drum tools and consecutive development will help our customers in most cases of drum handling.

Drum Tools FAQ

What is used to open a drum?

Drum bung plug wrench is necessary to open G2 and G3/4 plug bung on a tight head drum barrel, either plastic drum or steel drum with different plug bung.

What type of drum pump is recommended for food grade stuff?

Stainless steel tube material is suitable for food grade liquid in containers. Considering the flow speed, viscosity, please contact Chongyi sales for more specifications on the drum pump.

Do you have a tool to open drum closure?

Yes, XEAL bung wrench can remove cap seal and screw out the steel/plastic bung on a close head drum, while one side for 2'' and another side for 3/4'' diameter.

Are these tools suitable for small pails, jerry cans or IBC totes?

Yes. We supply tools not only for steel drums and plastic drums, also for steel pails, jerry cans and IBC tote, while some sizes are generally same.

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