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Insertion Die & Capping Machine

Insertion Die & Capping Machine

Drum flange and drum plug are essential parts in the steel drum industry. Together they act as sealing and opening components for steel drum users. Assembling drum flange in production needs flange insertion die, which curls the drum flange and drum lid together and forms a multi-layer structure. Drum plug needs to be screwed into flange base during production. This step could be operated manually or via an automatic drum bung machine.

Types of Insertion Die & Capping Machine

Why Choose Chongyi as Drum Closure Flange Supplier?

Being in the industry for over 30 years, except for drum closures, we also know the other needs of drum manufacturers. We developed the one-step 55 drum flange insertion die and automatic capping machine based on our understanding of the needs of customers. One-step drum flange insertion die is the unique product on the market, which provides the best solution for drum flange insertion. The automatic drum bung machine machine integrates multiple functions and becomes a necessary equipment for drum manufacturers to keep high production efficiency.

Insertion Die & Capping Machine FAQ

Is the drum flange insertion die customizable?

Yes, the drum flange insertion die is customizable. Drum lids specifications of different drum manufacturers might be different, the drum top flange die could be customized to fit these drum lids.

What should I do if I want to order one-step flange insertion die.

Please contact our sales representatives, they will provide a list of necessary information (e.g. drum lid specification, Punching machine specification etc.). Then we will provide a suitable solution based on information provided.

Do you provide on-site installation service for capping machines?

Yes, we provide such service, on-site installation and adjustment of capping machine is necessary.

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