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Chongyi, a professional 55 gallon drum accessories manufacturer, supplies a comprehensive catalogue of industrial drum seal cap and accessories, including barrel closure, drum seal cap, drum locking clamp and ring, and supporting drum closure tools and services. We have been one of the leading 55 gal drum fittings manufacturers in China for 30 years.

These assorted chemical and oil drum accessories are critically applied, while most are strictly standardized, in global packaging and container systems, such as steel drum, metal pail bucket, plastic drum, fiber drums, as well as intermediate bulk containers. The above wide application field makes our drum steel cap seal products physically spread into petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, flavour and fragrance, food and drink etc. industries.

Our product and service are always client-oriented. Highly flexible work enables us to meet most demands coming from the market. Most drum makers and users can find satisfying bung cap for their drums here. Contact us if you want to work with us on any projects.

Industrial Bung Cap Types

Drum Closure
Concerning the significance of sealing property, the drum closure system becomes the first gate to be examined in a drum. XEAL® barrel closure with its standardized production principles and consistent quality control, is proved as the most crucial drum seal cap for close head drums, plastic drums and metal pails etc.
Drum Closure
Drum Cap Seal
Further to guard against leakage and theft, drum seal cap either in plastic or metal base works in conjunction with barrel closure on mouth of drums, offers double security for internal fillings and defense from external contamination.
Drum Cap Seal
Drum Locking Ring Clamps
Equipped with lever clamp or lug & bolt, drum locking ring is encircled on the curled rim of open head drum lid and body. Different sizes and cross sections are under selection for clients' steel drums, metal pails, HDPE drums as well as fiber drums.
Drum Locking Ring Clamps
Drum Tools
It is necessary to have tools when operating open and close of bung cap, as well as in and out of drum fillings. Chongyi provides a full range of 55 gallon drum accessories and parts which assist in safely and efficiently handling drum related works.
Drum Tools
Drum Parts
Small pails are initially developed to hold contents in a less-volume way, and for other common-used materials with cost effectiveness. Chongyi provides plastic and metal pails in a variety of color, size and open type to meet customers' needs.
Drum Parts
Insertion Die & Capping Machine
Chongyi offers a series of drum closure die mould and fittings for 55 gallon drums to enhance the drum productivity, such as one-time punching and flange insertion die, auto plug and barrel cap seal installation line, flange vibration disk etc.
Insertion Die & Capping Machine

Industrial Drum Seal Advantages


As a manufacturer of industrial and chemical drum accessories that take quality into account, Chongyi has passed ISO9001 and SGS certification. Its XEAL® while 55 gallon drum closure is involved in passing various reports on quality testing, such as REACH, RoHS, Migration test, Salt Spray test, etc. Bring high-quality drum bung cap seal to drum packaging containers in miscellaneous industries to escort each container.


Independent factories and stable supply chain enable Chongyi to realize customization liberalization. Wide range of oil drum accessories are available with personalized services, covering authorized logo printing, trademark engraving, size customization, mold modification, and even customer-driven packages.


Most of the industrial bung caps in Chongyi product category are produced with international standard size and dimension, which are interchangeable with those of the same size in the industry, and can be applied to major standard containers such as 55 gallon steel drum to meet common needs of most customers.


Innovative spirit is the key point for a to be recognized by the times and customers. Chongyi strives to constantly update the existing industrial drum seal, while creating new product categories to meet the evolving needs of global users and integrate into the development of the global era.

What We Do In Industrial Bung Caps Production?

What We Do In Industrial Bung Caps Production?
  • Fully automated production systems with high power punches and high precision dies are applied to create our products.

  • Drum seal cap workshop is where daily maintenance and manufacturing, to keep high precision and consistency of products.

  • Product Inspections such as salt spray, anti-leak, insertion tests etc. are carried out by our laboratory or authorized parties.

  • Once coming out from production site, every piece of drum bung caps will be carefully checked in QA site before packaging.

  • Flexible packing site allows us to pack products not only in standard and firm pallet way, but also in customized ways.

  • Our team members are full of experience. Over half of them have over 10 years of experience in drum closure industry.

Industrial Drum Seal Cap Production Process Highlights


Chongyi values the environment that everybody lives in. We are striving to avoid bringing pollution to our homeland while delivering values to customers. It is believed that the products produced in a eco-friendly environment will benefit all human beings.

High Precision

Keeping high precision in scale production of drum seal cap is always a hard challenge, as it directly determines the sealing character of a container. High precision drum closure die cooperating with optimum equipment is the key to building unique advantages of our oil drum accessories.

High Consistency

Consistency is vital for delivering standardized products to customers all the time. Certified quality management system helps us supply barrel closure, drum capseal, drum locking clamp, drum ring, drum opener wrench etc. with constant quality.

High Capacity

Leading production techniques allows our barrel closure and drum capseal production lines to output more quantity. Second is the counted unit to evaluate capacity in our system. Meeting quantity and quality demands on time will help customers create more value.

Chongyi Is Specialized in Manufacturing Barrel Fittings Systems for over 30 Years.
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