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Steel Drum Closure

Steel Drum Closure

These steel drum flange and plug come available in zinc plated and phenolic lacquered styles, preventing from various corrosive contents. Steel drum closures are equipped with well-formulated EPDM, NBR or PE gasket, the different materials make it perform well under different filling conditions. Dual gasket system is another common choice in European area as two combined washers can seal with better security.

The octagonal flange is supposed to riveted on metal drum lid providing a seal base for drum plug to be torqued on, those 2'' and 3/4'' set make up an universal closing system for standard close head drum. It is necessary to have a well- designed paint cap covering on drum lid mouth, preventing the inner side of drum from spraying paints contamination. Secure your drum or barrel during packaging, storage and transport with our steel drum closure!

Types of Steel Drum Closure

Features of Steel Drum Closure

  • Zinc Plated Drum Flange

    Octagon zinc plated drum flange is the key base for steel, plastic, nylon plug screwing in. 

  • Zinc Plated Drum Plug

    Fitted with EPDM, Buna or PE gasket, drum plug plays the initial guard ensuring fillings integrity.

  • Lacquered Drum Flange

    Painted drum flange is selected for drum while there is more corrosive content within.

  • Lacquered Drum Plug

    G2 and G3/4 drum plug treated with lacquer, is often chosen for special chemicals or food grade products.

  • Drum Paint Cap

    Avoid of interior contamination, drum paint caps are efficient protective caps during drum painting process.

How To Use Steel Drum Closure?

Drum flange needs to be riveted onto drum top by flange insertion die before using. It forms a base for metal drum plugs to screw in after drum flange riveted. Customers could choose steel drum plug, plastic drum plug or nylon plug based on contents in the drum. 

Appropriate torque is essential while screwing drum plug, excess or lack of torque will lead to leaking risks of the container. After both drum flange and plug are properly installed, it forms a sealing system for drum.

Flange riveting is crucial in terms of final sealing results. Regular maintenance or replacement of insertion die is necessary to keep riveting quality. Key parameters, including insertion die abrasion and flange height after riveting, need to be checked if problems occur. 

How To Use Steel Drum Closure?
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