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Drum Cap Seal

Drum Cap Seal

Tamper-evidence seals are used for industrial container opening and widely applied in filling line on either steel drums or plastic drums. Cooperating together with and differentiating from drum closure, the drum cap seal is relatively lightweight and disposable, which makes it an ideal option as an anti-theft and directness-prevent cover. Are the full range of colors and customized logo designs are frequently requested as an anti-counterfeiting selection for drum cap seals. Drum makers and drum users can always find suitable drum cap seals for their filers!

Types of Drum Cap Seal

Why Choose Chongyi Drum Cap Seal

Drum Cap Seal, as well as drum closure, are one of the most essential and important sealing parts for industrial container packaging. The sealing pieces offer leakage, theft, counterfeiting and dirt-prevent to tight head drums. Chongyi team with its strong production capacity and experienced delivery services, can always deliver the best value to customers.

Drum Cap Seal FAQ

How do you seal metal drums?

The 2'' and 3/4'' metal drum cap seal is the most common way to seal the metal drum, while there are also 2'' and 3/4'' EZ plastic cap seal available. The crimping and removing tools are required when using the metal drum cap seal.

How do you seal plastic drums?

Both plastic drum cap seal and metal drum cap seal in different diameters that can fit on the plastic drum opening. The plastic drum cap seal is a push lock way to seal the opening, while the metal drum cap seal needs to be crimped on.

Which is the cost-effective way for selecting a drum cap seal?

There are both disposable and reusable drum cap seals available in Chongyi. The transparent plastic cap seal is the most cost effective way to protect the opening free from water and dust, and can be re-used for long time.

Which is the best secure option for my steel drums?

We recommend the 2'' and 3/4'' steel cap seal with customer's logo design on it, mostly we offer embossing logo which is more anti-counterfeiting, further QR code or DM code which traceble functions. Please contact our sales for a customized sealing design for your drums.

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