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Plastic Drum Solutions

When a steel drum is not able to meet the requirements, the plastic drum is definitely the best substitute. There are mainly two types of plastic drums, closed head and an open head. It might be hard to find common points between these two types of plastic drums, but it is always easy to find appropriate sealing solutions for them with Chongyi.

Plastic Drum Solutions

Industrial containers such as drums play an important role in the storage and transportation of various substances. To ensure the safety and quality of the products they contain, it is crucial to have the right components and tools to properly seal and access the drums. In recent years, plastic drum solutions have emerged as a popular choice for many industries due to their durability, ease of use, and affordability.

Plastic Drum Challenge & Solutions

One major challenge when dealing with UN rated HDPE close head plastic drum is its varied design in the drum mouth part. Matching these mouthparts with suitable plastic caps and bungs requires tremendous effort, especially for drum reconditioners. Those of various diameters and thread types (eg. NPT, NPS, BSP, buttress, etc.) require different plastic drum cap seals, plastic bung and bung gasket to match. 

One key component of plastic drums is the plastic drum cap seal, which provides a secure and tamper-proof seal for the contents of the drum. These seals come in various sizes and colors to match different drum openings, and can be easily applied by hand or with a plastic bung wrench. Additionally, many plastic drum cap seals come with a bung gasket or rubber gasket, which further enhances the seal and prevents any leaks or spills.

Plastic Bung Wrench Advantages

Another advantage of plastic drums is the convenience of their bung openings, which can be easily accessed with a plastic bung wrench. Unlike metal drums, which can be difficult to open and close due to rust or corrosion, plastic bungs are resistant to these issues and can be opened and closed with minimal effort. This makes them a popular choice for industries that require frequent access to the contents of the drum. Over dozens of types of plastic plug fittings and plastic cap seals along with bung wrench and drums faucets are offered in Chongyi's product gallery.

In addition to their ease of use, plastic drums also offer a variety of options for dispensing their contents. Drums faucets, for example, can be easily attached to the bung opening to allow for controlled pouring or dispensing of the contents. These faucets come in various sizes and styles to match different drum openings and can be easily removed and replaced as needed.

Other Common Plastic Drum Parts

The open head plastic drum is usually sealed by a plastic drum lid plus a drum locking ring. The plastic drum lid is threaded and equipped with a rubber gasket. From 60, 100, 120 to 160 and 200 litre HDPE plastic drums, the locking rings are always closed by lever clamps or bolt and lugs. Additional plastic or metal T seal on ring closures will provide additional security to the sealing system.

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