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Industrial Drum Bung Fittings Application

Industrial Drum Bung Fittings Application

Steel Drum Closure Zinc Plated

Drum closure are made of high-quality steel with zinc plated, long-life, reusable, corrosive-resistant, not easy to rust and fray, which can be used to block UV rays effectively.Every bung cap comes w...
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Plastic Bung

Fine thread and coarse thread plastic bung are both available for either HDPE drums and steel drums, abundant designs with NPT, BSP, NPS and buttress thread are compatible to most standard drum mouth.
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Pail Crimper

Made from high-quality steel, the pail crimper is applied to 18L to 20L steel pails,whose 300mm diameter lid cover is supposed to be crimped tightly on the neck of pail.
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