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Drum Parts

Drum Parts

There are some necessary parts needed to compose a complete drum. Chongyi are dedicated to offering a wide range of 55 gallon drum parts for drum makers, becoming a one-stop solution supplier for drum production, with either closure, rings, tools and parts, as well as die mould. Different from drum tools that are applied to open caps or take contents out, here drum parts are essential materials and components for drum production, which adhere to or consist of a complete drum.

Drum sealant is applied to double or triple seamed tight head steel drum, which drum handles either in metal or plastic material are necessary for small steel pails or plastic drums. Chongyi sources these drum parts from some reliable producers locally and offer to comprehensive customers.

Types of 55 Gallon Drum Parts

Why Choose Chongyi Drum Parts

As one of the leading metal closure manufacturers of drum sealing system parts, Chongyi clearly understands what are the essential drum parts and components to supply accompanied during drum production. Wide selection of drum parts and continuous development will assist our clients in most cases of drum production.

Drum Parts FAQ

Do you have an instruction statement of applying the drum sealant?

Yes, the character and operation manual are available accompanied with the purchase, Chongyi not only delivers the right goods, but also cares about user experience.

Do you have drum handles for 20L steel pails?

Yes, we have a wide selection of drum handles for different size and type of drums. Please contact us for detailed information on the drum handles.

What other drum parts do you supply?

Chongyi is continuously developing more drum parts to meet the demands of our customers, with selected source and integrated supply chain.

Can you supply other necessary parts?

Yes, other drum parts, for example drum lining lacquer, plastic drum liner, are also under development. We keep delivering more value and options to our customers.

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