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Drum Closure

Drum Closure

Chongyi, one of the most professional drum closures suppliers, provides XEAL® drum closure including steel drum closure, plastic drum bung and plastic spout cap, which are the essential caps supplying to common and major industrial containers, such as steel oil drum cap, plastic drum/HDPE drum and tin bucket. Using the correct drum closures is critical as the area is strictly regulated.  XEAL® drum closure was manufactured in compliance with ISO-1750-3 and GB/T 13251-2018 standards, and secure over 20 million containers free from leakage and contamination every year. The selections of drum bung material and surface treatment make our drum closures suitable for a variety of fillers. Customers will always find the right drum cap here for their containers!

Types of Epoxy Drum Closure

There are different types of tite drum closures available in XEAL, including steel drum closures, plastic bung, and plastic spout cap, each suited to specific industrial applications. The following is a detailed introduction to the three major categories of tite seal drum closures.

Why Choose Chongyi As Your Drum Closures Supplier?

As an important part of industrial drum sealing solution, safety and reliability is critical in the 55 gal drum fittings field. Certified with ISO 9001:2015, XEAL® drum closures manufactured by us, one of the top drum closures suppliers, provide a complete sealing options for containers of various materials and capacities. Customers can always find a best sealing solution from our drum cap catelogue from 5 gallon to 55 gallon plastic drum bung caps, plastic drum from 25 liter to 200 liter, and small pails.

Proper Tite Seal Drum Closures Importances

Proper drum closure is critical to prevent leaks and spills in industrial applications. By properly sealing a drum, companies can ensure the safety of their workers and the environment, as well as comply with regulations. Drum closures suppliers offer a variety of options, including bolt ring, lever lock, and clamp ring closures, as well as the necessary drum closure tools to secure them. Steel drum closures, such as tite seal drum closures, are particularly reliable and robust. Regular inspections of drum closures are crucial to maintain their integrity and prevent accidents. Companies should invest in high-quality drum closures from reputable suppliers to guarantee their reliable and long-lasting performance.

Tips for Inspecting Drum Closures and Maintaining Their Integrity
  • Regular Inspections: Regular inspections are crucial to ensure the integrity of drum closures. They prevent leakage and spillage and guarantee worker safety and regulatory compliance.

  • Check for Cracks, Damages, and Deformations: During inspections, users should ensure that the closure is free of any cracks, damages, or deformations that may prevent it from sealing correctly.

  • Check the Gasket or Sealing Ring: They should also inspect the gasket or drum clamp ring for any wear and tear and replace it if necessary.

  • Check Bolts, Nuts, or Latches: It is essential to ensure that bolts, nuts, or latches are tight and secure the drum closure correctly.

  • Ensure Closure Sits Flush Against the Drum Flange: The drum closure should be flush against the drum flange, providing optimal sealing and securing against any leakage.

  • Drum Closure Tools: Suppliers of drum closures offer a range of drum closure tools to make inspection and maintenance easier. These industrial drum tools  may include wrenches, pliers, and torque tools, among others.

  • Invest in High-Quality Drum Closures: Steel drum closures, such as tite seal drum closures, are reliable and durable, making them a great investment for businesses.

In conclusion, the safe transportation and storage of hazardous materials rely heavily on the proper inspection and maintenance of drum closures. With the tips mentioned above, companies can ensure that their drum closures remain reliable and strong, preventing spills, leaks, and accidents. By investing in high-quality steel drum closures from reputable drum closures suppliers, companies can achieve compliance with regulations while also protecting their employees and the environment.

Drum Closure FAQ

What types of gasket are available for drum closures?

PE gasket, EPDM gasket and black buna gasket are available for drum bung caps. EPDM gasket and black buna gasket are available for drum plug and drum flange. Special formulated gaskets are available on requirements.

Does XEAL® drum closure adaptive to other brands in the market?

XEAL® 55 gallon drum bung cap follows ISO standards, and are able to adapt standard drum bung and drum flange manufacturered by other companies. However, using drum plug and drum flange produced by the same manufacturer is helpful for better sealing.

What are the applications of plastic bung?

Generally, XEAL® plastic drum bung includes fine and coarse thread plastic bung. Fine thread plastic bungs are mainly used on steel drum closure and could fit into standard drum flange, while coarse are mainly used for plastic containers.

How to install plastic spout caps onto containers?

To install plastic spout caps onto containers, align the cap with the container opening, apply firm downward pressure while twisting or pressing, and ensure a tight seal. Test for any leakage or spills to ensure proper installation.

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