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Small Container Solutions

Small containers are with large demand of the market, as they meet the users' needs for small volume liquid and solid package and store. Metal pail and plastic pail with removable or un-removable lid design could be applied for industry use (eg. food, chemicals, paintings and lubricants etc.) or common household use. 

Small Container Solutions

Small containers are an essential part of many industries, from food to pharmaceuticals, chemicals to paints. These containers are typically used for storing, transporting, and delivering small quantities of products. To ensure that the contents of these containers remain safe and secure during storage and transport, it is essential to use the right packaging materials and accessories. There are some important components in sealing small containers:

Lock rings and clamp closures are commonly used to seal small containers. These accessories ensure that the container remains closed and the contents do not spill out during transport. Lock rings are typically made of metal and are designed to snap into place to secure the lid. Clamp closures, on the other hand, are made of plastic or metal and require manual tightening to secure the lid.

A pail crimper is another essential accessory used to seal small containers. This tool is used to crimp the edges of a metal pail to secure the lid in place. The crimper is typically operated manually, and it provides a tight seal to prevent any spillage.

Plastic spout caps are used to dispense liquids from small containers. These caps come with a spout that can be opened or closed as required. The spout is designed to prevent spills and provide a controlled flow of liquid.

Steel plugs and cap seals are also commonly used to seal small containers. These accessories are typically made of metal and provide a tight seal to prevent any leakage. Steel plugs are used to seal openings on the container, while cap seals are used to seal the lid in place.

Plastic Container Advantages

In addition to these accessories, small containers are often made of materials such as plastic, metal, or glass. Plastic containers are lightweight and cost-effective, while metal containers are durable and offer better protection against external factors such as moisture and heat. Glass containers, on the other hand, offer a transparent view of the contents and are ideal for products that need to be displayed.

Why Chongyi As Your Metal Drum Supplier

Chongyi mainly supplies 18 and 20-liter metal pails, which we also called 5-gallon steel buckets. They are coming with or without UN-rated grade under requirement, and for industrial purposes mostly, with their essential accessories, lock rings and clamp closure, pail crimper,  plastic spout cap, steel plug, and cap seal, are all included in our supply chain. 

Considering more general demands, such as easy storing, and convenient opening in a more economical way, tin buckets, and plastic pails are spreading into household life for food, drinks, cloth, etc packaged and stored. Different selections in volumes, colors, and shape can always help our customers pack things for a cool lifestyle.


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