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Industrial Drum Packaging Components
Chongyi offers a wide range of XEAL® seals for industrial packaging. The major product, drum closure, is mainly applied to 55 gallon steel drum. Drum cap seal covered on enhances a higher safety level for both plastic and metal drums. Drum locking clamp & ring clasp the lid and body of open head HDPE and steel drums. Customers can always find necessary tools and parts here for their containers, such as crimping tools, pump and faucet. Comply with drum makers' demands, Chongyi developed auto flange insertion die and plug capping machine for superior production efficiency.
About Chongyi Industries
Chongyi Industrial Drum Packaging Components Manufacturer

Chongyi Industries and its group of companies have been manufacturing and supplying industrial packaging closure components since 1990s, while the history of exporting started in the early 2000s. Major product categories include drum closure, drum cap seal, drum locking clamp & ring, drum tools, insertion die and small pails etc. In addition, professional solution consulting service is the key point that differs us from other competitors. With core advantages in research, production and sales, Chongyi Inudstries is concentrated on international markets, and aiming at delivering more values to all customers.

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Why Choose Us

Established in 1990s, we are the leading manufacturer of industrial packaging closure components in China, and supplying to global drum markets.


Management with knowledgeable personnel and fully-auto devices assure production systematized.


ISO 9001:2015 and 6S on-site management certified production guarantees quality and consistency of product.


Experienced technicians are qualified to customize and improve the products as per actual requirements.


Wide variety of products with different specifications enable Chongyi to meet diverse demand of customers.

Chongy is Specialized in Manufacturing Drum Closure Systems for Over 30 Years.
No.58 Qinjian Road, Hengshan Industrial Park, Shouchang Town, Jiande City, Zhejiang Province, China