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Metal Drum Cap Seal

Metal Drum Cap Seal

Metal drum cap seal, as know as tab seal, is generally made from tinplate material, sometimes specially aluminum material by request. The standard size is 2'' and 3/4'', sometimes by saying "70mm and 35mm" or "50mm and 20mm". The thickness and surface design of the metal drum cap seal are available to choose, either plain white drum cap seal or logo printed drum cap seal.

Except the standard specification of metal drum cap seal, the flow-in gasket is critical as it protects the riveted drum flange edge free from scratching with the inner side of the metal cap seal, this becoming a factor of the drum recycling industry. The two scored lines are also strictly designed for a smooth tear off. Chongyi supplies its metal drum cap seal to wide industries such as oil, chemical, food and drink, wherever has a 55 gallon steel drum filling line.

Types of Metal Drum Cap Seal

Features of Metal Cap Seal

  • White Drum Cap Seal

    Plain white color, with thickness varies from 0.22 to 0.32mm, are easily crimping on with anti-pilferage and anti-dust properties.

  • Printed Drum Cap Seal

    Colorful logo design makes the metal cap seal on drum more distinguished and anti-counterfeiting. Other upgraded print such as embossing or QR code is acceptable.

How to use metal drum cap seal

The 2'' and 3/4'' metal drum cap seal should be placed outside of 2'' and 3/4'' drum flange and plug on steel drum. The drum cap sealer is used to crimp the capseal tightly well. If need to open the cap seal, a removal tool needs to be applied, but not manually by hand, tear off the scored line, the cap will loose off finally.

Other diameter such as 78, 80, 82, 84mm etc. metal drum cap seals are available for plastic drum openings. The usage and application method is the same as the 2'' and 3/4''.

How to use metal drum cap seal
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