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Flow Hangs, The Ills in The Spraying Process!

Flow Hangs, The Ills in The Spraying Process!

In the process of paint construction, excessive paint in vertical or inclined areas and the formation of top-down flow traces or local film thickening flow falling phenomenon is called flow hanging.

The reasons are as follows:

1) The viscosity of the coating is too low;

2) spit out the amount (also called the amount of paint) is too large;

3) Paint film is too thick;

4) The construction environment temperature is too low, and the air humidity is large;

5) Improper spraying method;

6) The air pressure is too small, and the paint is not well atomized.


1) Add thickener to increase the viscosity of the coating;

2) Reduce the spit amount;

3) Increase the production speed and reduce the output;

4) Improve the temperature of the spray room and reduce the humidity of the spray room;

5) Standard spraying method;

6) Increase air pressure.

Short comments: In the process of painting coated drum closure, the phenomenon of stream-hanging may also occur, but the automatic detection machine can directly detect it.

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