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The Dilemma Of Low Profit For Bottle Caps

As an integral part of the packaging bottle, the bottle cap mainly plays the role of sealing. Although the bottle cap is small, there are many types, covering a wide range of food, beverage, medicine, and cosmetics. The complexity of the downstream market also makes bottle cap manufacturers subdivided. Basically, there are professional cap manufacturers in every field. At present, the overall profit of bottle caps is generally very low. For example, ordinary beverage bottle cap manufacturers mainly rely on quantity to increase profits. We think this will form a vicious circle for the development of the entire bottle cap industry. Bottle cap manufacturers have low profits, no funds are invested in research and development, and the production level of bottle caps cannot be improved. Without technological content, bottle caps cannot obtain good prices. This leads to homogenization of the bottle cap market, fierce competition and further lower prices. As a bottle cap manufacturer, under the current pressure of labor shortage and rising labor costs, it must take the road of R&D and innovation to increase the technological content of bottle caps and single product profits. Only in this way can we win opportunities in future market competition.

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