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Various Kinds Of Drum Closure Gaskets

Various Kinds Of Drum Closure Gaskets

10. NR natural rubber sealing ring

Rubber products have good wear resistance, elasticity, tensile strength and elongation.

But in the air is easy to aging, hot sticky, easy to expand and dissolve in mineral oil or gasoline, alkali resistance but not strong acid resistance.

It is suitable for automobile brake oil, ethanol and other liquids containing hydroxide ions.

The general use temperature range is -20~100 ℃.

11. PU polyurethane rubber sealing ring

The mechanical properties of polyurethane rubber are very good, wear resistance and high pressure resistance are far superior to other rubber.

Aging resistance, ozone resistance, oil resistance is also quite good, but high temperature hydrolysis.

Generally used for high pressure resistance, wear resistance sealing links, such as hydraulic cylinder.

The general use temperature range is -45~90 ℃.

12. Metal rubber sealing ring

Made of stainless steel wire, without any rubber composition, has a strong use characteristics.

For example: in high vacuum, high and low temperature, strong radiation, and a variety of corrosion and other environments to maintain normal work.

The sealing ring skin is made of different materials such as stainless steel, copper, PTFE and other materials according to different uses. The coated metal rubber component is used as the lining core, which has the advantages of high sealing strength, good effect and repeatable use.

Sealing ring core is made of different diameter and density of metal wire, suitable for different pressure occasions.

The general use range is -80~800℃.

This kind of sealing ring is more expensive because of its high cost.

But good performance, a wide range of use environment, have been unanimously recognized by people.

Short comments: There are various kinds of gasket for drum closure available in Xuheng Metal.

Welcome to choose from PE/BUNA/EPDM etc. gasket for your drum closure.

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