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What Types Of Motor Oil Are There?

What Types Of Motor Oil Are There?

What are the commonly used lubricating oil additives?

With the progress of machinery and the development of automobile internal combustion engine, higher requirements are put forward on the load, speed and temperature of the equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment, it is necessary to add various additives in the lubricating oil to compound use, in order to improve the various physical and chemical properties of the lubricating oil and lubrication performance.

At present, in the lubricating oil sold in the market, the proportion of base oil is up to 70%-99%, which determines the basic physical and chemical properties and some characteristics of lubricating oil. Although the content of additives is very small, it can play a key role in changing the existing properties of lubricating oil and endow lubricating oil with new properties to meet the normal operation of mechanical equipment.

Lubricating oil additive variety, different function, according to their functional division can be divided into antioxidants, blood coagulation agent, dispersing agent, emulsifying agent, emulsifying agent, anti-foam agent (through their own physical and chemical properties to improve the performance of the base oil) and anti-wear agent, anti-rust agent, preservative (through interaction with metal forming oil film have the effect of metal surface protection).

Short comments: In recent years, the use of various types and functions of additives in lubricating oil has led to the change of complex and multi-functional materials. The use of our drum closure can ensure good sealing in the transportation process.

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