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Four Functions Of Bottle Cap

Bottle caps, as a matching bottle, often do not pay special attention to them, but they carry many functions. Let's take a look at the important functions carried by the bottle caps, which are closely related to our lives.

First of all, it is the airtightness of the bottle cap, which should be said to be the most primitive existing function of the bottle cap. The bottle cap is the interface used to connect the container to the outside. At the same time, it is also the seal to ensure the container's sealing. The sealing performance of the bottle cap directly determines the packaging quality of the packaging product. Especially in the field of food and medical packaging, if the cap sealing is not good, it will affect the texture of food and medical products. Secondly, for the anti-counterfeiting of bottle caps, many manufacturers put the anti-counterfeiting function on the bottle caps. Especially in the field of wine bottle caps, bottle caps have always been used to achieve the anti-counterfeiting performance of packaging. Again, the marketing function of bottle caps. Many beverage bottle caps and beer bottle caps carry out prize-winning bottle cap activities inside the caps to achieve product promotion. Finally, the functionality of bottle caps, such as spray and spray gun bottle caps, is to use bottle caps to improve the use of products and make products better serve people.

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