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Iran: China is Trustworthy

In 2015, the lifting of sanctions on Iran became a hot topic worldwide. Companies from all over the world have set their sights on the Iranian market and have begun actively entering it. Iran, a major oil and gas-producing country, is slowly making a beautiful turnaround with the trend of world development and its own development needs. After the lifting of sanctions, Iran will return to the world oil market and gradually become a world power with increasing international influence based on its strong economic strength. Moreover, Iran is also the standard setter for international asphalt packaging drums. The size standards for asphalt drums worldwide are based on Iran's standards. There are many factories in Iran that specialize in the production of asphalt drums, and although their production lines are not advanced, their output is very high.

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Iran is currently in an upward development stage, and it not only is willing to cooperate with China but also favors it. From the increasingly close exchanges between the two countries, Iran has made it clear that it will not forget China's help during its period of sanctions, and has indicated that Chinese companies will have more advantages than Western companies after the lifting of sanctions. From another perspective, during the decades of sanctions against Iran, Sino-Iranian trade and economic exchanges were good, and Chinese products have always had a high market share, accumulating a certain social status. China can meet Iran's market conditions and demand in terms of technology and price, and is more trustworthy in terms of cooperation stability, according to Iran.


China already has some successful large-scale projects participating in the Iranian market. For example, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, and China Aviation Technology Engineering Corporation have their own office buildings in Iran. They have cooperated with the Iranian side on some state-owned projects involving subway construction, power plant development, and oil exploration. For example, China Aviation Technology Engineering Corporation participated in local airport expansion projects, while China Railway participated in high-speed rail construction projects that will connect Xinjiang in China with Mashhad in Iran. And China National Petroleum Corporation participated in cooperation projects in the Southern Pars oilfield, etc.


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